Environmental Permit issued by Federal Ministry of Environment & Tourism

  • Rupice Project

  • 25 May 2020

The Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism has issued The Veovaca Environmental Permit, one of the key approvals required for the issue of the Exploitation Permit.

On 23 April 2020, we announced the receipt of a positive Record of Decision and advised that the Environmental Permit would be issued within 30 days. The permit covers the Veovaca Mine, Plant and Tailings Facility, and its receipt allows Adriatic to apply for an Urban Planning Permit from the Federal Ministry of Spatial Planning. This application has now been lodged with all the associated approvals from nine different utility and community service companies.

Upon receiving the Urban Planning Permit, the application for Exploitation will be made to the Federal Ministry for Energy, Mining & Industry. As part of the approval procedure, the Ministry will hold a public hearing in Vares, where members of the public can comment on the application, and if necessary, the Company is given an opportunity to respond.