Rupice Deposit

The Rupice Deposit is an advanced exploration project which exhibits exceptionally high grades of base and precious metals and is located approximately 12km North West of the Veovaca Deposit.

An updated JORC Mineral Resource Estimate was completed in August 2020 with 12Mt of polymetallic mineral resources. Massive sulphide Ag, Zn, Pb, BaSO4, Au, Cu and Sb mineralisation hosted primarily in a stratiform brecciated dolomite host unit (replacement-style deposit) within a flysch sedimentary sequence of alternating shales, cherts, dolomites, limestones and sandstones. This prospective lithological sequence continues to depth (as seen by a 2020 deeper drilling campaign, and from field mapping of the wider Rupice licence area).

Mineralisation dips to the NE around 50o and plunges to the northwest and is open along strike towards NW & SE. Dilational structures are interpreted as deep structures, bringing additional hot mineralising fluids and enhancing existing mineralisation in host rocks. These may also be responsible for brecciating and conditioning the host dolomite. The brecciated dolomite is thickest in area of maximum dilation.

Exploration work completed to date includes surface drilling, geological mapping, IP survey, gravity survey and close-spaced soil sampling. Extensional drilling has the opportunity to increase the known resource at depth and along strike towards NW and SE.