The Minister for the Environment and Tourism visits Eastern Mining

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  • 3 June 2021

The Minister of Environment and Tourism of the Federation of BiH, Edita Dapo, visited the offices of Eastern Mining.

The Minister of Environment and Tourism of the Federation of BiH, Edita Đapo, visited the Eastern Mining company this week. During this visit, the company's management informed Minister Japo about environmental issues and sustainable practices that this company uses in its work.

“Since its founding in 2017, Eastern Mining has once again proven that a serious modern business, especially mining, requires a serious commitment to issues such as preserving, improving and protecting the environment, but also mitigating the company’s potential environmental impacts,” Paul Cronin said CEO of Adriatic Metals plc.

Despite the permits already obtained, Eastern Mining continues to monitor and implement measures aimed at improving the existing conditions, and further improving its attitude towards environmental issues in this area. The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) conducted for the needs of the Vares mine, enabled the company to have a thorough understanding of the local environment, the potential impacts of its activities and the ways in which they can be effectively mitigated.

"The seriousness of the company is reflected in the relationship and work in the field of environment and environmental protection that goes beyond simply obtaining the necessary permits," said FBiH Minister of Environment and Tourism Edita Djapo during today's visit to Eastern Mining in Vares, adding that "this company represents modern the face of the traditional mining business, not only in their narrow field of activity but whose influence and need for improvement affect the entire area of ​​Vares, especially in the field of environmental issues."

Eastern Mining employees, and especially their management, are aware that mining technology is advancing, and that, in line with the needs of the community, environmental policy and activities must advance, maintaining a thorough understanding of the local environment, the impact of activities and how these measures can effectively mitigate.

"We are really pleased and honoured that Minister Japo recognized Eastern Mining as a company that implements the world's best practices in mining, with a special emphasis on environmental issues. The goal is to have equally modern plants, based on modern technologies and methods, whose goal is to minimize the negative impact on the environment, "concluded Cronin.