The Prime Minister of the Government of the Federation of BiH visits Eastern Mining

  • Community News

  • 14 October 2020

The Prime Minister of the Government of the Federation of BiH, Fadil Novalić, and the Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry of the FBiH, Nermin Džindić, visited Eastern Mining this week.

The Representatives of the Government of the Federation of BiH were welcomed by members of the Management Board, Paul Cronin and Adnan Teletović. This opportunity was used to present to the Ministers, the work that has been carried out so far for the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources at Vares.

Prime Minister Novalić, confirmed that the opening of the new mines after the exploration works would represent a revival for the citizens of Vareš, saying: “The Eastern Mining company settled in the area of ​​Vareš and is offering a new future and life to this mining area that is experiencing a crisis after the fall of the Vareš ironworks. This company not only has international experience, but also power. So far, 20 million dollars have been spent, and all work is being undertaken by domestic companies.”

Novalić also added that as of today, Eastern Mining will have daily access to the FBiH Government in any case of problems, especially in the process of obtaining the necessary permits for the successful continuation of the Vareš Project.

Minister Džindić stated that the Ministry has issued a confirmation act for geological research at the end of 2018, and that an urban permit and environmental permit will soon be provided from the Canton level, and that a decision on the exploitation of mineral materials will be issued after that.

General Manager of Eastern Mining, Adnan Teletović, said that he would continue to respect the mining tradition of Vareš ensuring improved business elements, care for employees and the use of the latest and environmentally friendly methods of resources and work.

"We are grateful to the local authorities, but also to the community, and I am sure that we will continue working very well alongside the local community. We believe that our experience will be can be very helpful in the progress of this project and we are pleased to have the cooperation of the FBiH Government. " Adnan Teletovic continued.