Emir Hadžihafizbegovic gives stunning performance to packed audience at the House of Culture, Vareš

  • Community News

  • 23 May 2019

In the crowded hall of the House of Culture in Vareš, on May 16, 2019, Emir Hadžihafizbegovic, one of the greatest actors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, gave a spell binding performance of "Everything is up to us".

The play, a free performance, was a monodrama about the state of mind in which Emir played a maths teacher who had lost his job. Through practical examples from real life, he conveyed the present state of society. For eighty minutes he kept the audience engaged with key messaging on Bosnian Society and moving the country forward. 

Emir’s messages rang true with the audience.  He spoke of fighting for the truth, and that the basic vision should be to provide the children with a safe and stable environment in which they can flourish.   He was keen to impress that the young should not leave Bosnia as there are many good reasons to remain and be part of the development of the country.  

When asked about the situation in Vareš before and now, Emir said: "This province exists in people’s minds, it does not exist as a geographical area. Vareš is stigmatized as some twilight zone, and I do not agree with this theory. People are working hard on their lives and creating a good life in Vareš. I am pleased to be able to bring performances to the House of culture to enhance life in Vareš.”

Emir Hadžihafizbegovic performed in more than 60 movies and during his acting career and won numerous awards and prizes, "Special Orizzonti Award for Best Actor or Actress" in the film ‘These Are the Rules’ at 71st International Film Festival in Venice.

Following the performance on the 16th May, The Mayor of the Vareš Municipality Zdravko Maroševic awarded him with the "Vareš’s Oscars", a sculpture of the miner.

Emir is a director of one of the most famous theaters, Chamber Theater 55, who have now agreed that they will bring more performances to Vareš. At the end of the performance, he commented that the evening gathering was partly a gift to the town of Vareš, in which he has filmed four movies, but also a special gift to his childhood friend, Miloš Mišo Bošnjakovic, who is one of the directors of  Adriatic Metals / Eastern Mining Company. 

The performance was really well received by the local community who had the opportunity to meet and talk to Emir Hadžihafizbegovic afterwards.   Miloš Mišo Bošnjakovic commented: “Adriatic Metals and Eastern Mining were delighted to be able to bring this event to the town of Varešand entertain the local community with such an interesting and thought-provoking play.”