Adriatic Metals sponsors The Queen’s Birthday Party at the British Embassy, Sarajevo

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  • 12 June 2019

Adriatic Metals Plc were pleased to join The Ambassador at The British Embassy in Sarajevo to celebrate the birthday of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the Second.

This Queen’s Birthday Party marked a special anniversary in the relationship between the UK and Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is 25 years since the UK first opened a full diplomatic presence in this country. During those 25 years, countless Britons have come to serve their country in this country.

Matthew Field spoke of the relationship between the two countries and thanked Eastern Mining for their support as main sponsor. He said that the UK is now doing more not less in Bosnia & Herzegovina. This year has seen the return of BBC to Bosnia & Herzegovina. There are more troops to EUFOR and hope to soon have direct flights again between the two countries. There is more business now being done together. So, in glorious Sarajevo sunshine, the Ambassador and his guests enjoyed a wonderful evening.

Milos Bosnjakovic, Director of Eastern Mining said: “We were delighted to sponsor the Queen’s Birthday Party and celebrate the relationship between our two countries. It was an extremely pleasant evening and good to be able to showcase Eastern Mining alongside other businesses that have a working relationship with the British Embassy.”