British Ambassador visits the Vares Project

  • Company news

  • 30 September 2020

This week at Adriatic's Eastern Mining headquarters at Tisovci, Vareš we had an informal visit by the British Ambassador Matthew Field accompanied by Alma Kadunić, Director of Department for International Trade BiH.

The nature of the visit was to introduce the activities of our Project in Vareš to the Ambassador, and demonstrate the benefits of our Project to the local community.

Having previously been made aware of our Project, Ambassador Field has become a supporter of the company and with today’s visit, he acknowledged that fact. The Management team extended a warm welcome to the Ambassador who had the chance to meet and greet our staff.  The Ambassador was then introduced to our core values, and we explained the experience of the team, how we work together and the enthusiasm that we put in our daily work so that we can bring back Vareš to its former glory.

After the introduction of our staff,  so as to provide a better picture of the effects of the Project on the community and the region, the group went to Tisovci where the former lead, zinc and barite plant used to be. There we presented our ideas and plans about the future plant. We concluded the tour with a visit to the open-pit mine at Veovača, where currently further drilling exploration is being undertaken. The geological team provided more information about current activities, including drilling and the advanced technology we use in this type of work.

At the end of the visit, Ambassador Field thanked everyone for the warm welcome in Vareš and said: “Sustainable and responsible investments like this can lead to job creation. I am glad that they have the support of Mayor Marošević. In addition to being environmentally and socially responsible, this Adriatic Metals project already employs young geologists, engineers and other experts from Vareš, which not only creates jobs, but also builds careers.”