Pre-Feasibility Study - Key Risks

  • Bosnian Pre-Feasibility Study

  • 15 October 2020

  • To achieve the range of outcomes indicated in the PFS, funding of in the range of US$180 million will likely be required in capital expenditure to construct the mine, process plant and project infrastructure. It is anticipated that the finance will be sourced through a combination of equity and debt instruments from existing shareholders, new equity investment and debt providers.
  • Development approvals and investment permits will all be sought from the relevant Bosnian authorities. Delays in any one of these key activities could results in a delay to the commencement of mine development (planned for Q2-2021). This could lead on to a delay to first production which is planned for Q4-2022. The Company’s government relations stakeholder and community engagement programs will reduce the risk of project delays.
  • The project proposes to produce silver-lead, zinc, barite and precious metal pyrite concentrates. Further marketing will be required to confirm end users and develop potential contracts.