April 2019 Site Visit

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  • 23 April 2019

In April 2019 we took a group of Analysts from Australia and London to visit Sarajevo, Vares, Veovaca and Rupice.

The group stayed in Sarajevo where they took in a guided tour of the city and met local Eastern Mining staff.

Many visited the National Museum to gain an understanding of the history of the country and conflict within Sarajevo.

The following day, (in snow!) we travelled to Vares where the group visited Veovaca and the core shed. Samples of core from recent drill holes (details) were on display and Head of Exploration Bob Annett talked through the structure and mineral at Veovaca.  The Mayor of the Vareš Municipality, Zdravko Maroševic was invited to talk to the group about the importance the mine to the region and the previous history of the area. 

The group then travelled to Rupice for lunch in the Hunting Lodge and a further detailed talk from Bob Annett on the deposits at Rupice, followed by a visit to BR 36-18 and the Jurasevac-Brestic adit.